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Kofifi Media Group or abbreviated, KMG, is a diversified Media company that consists of subsidiaries focused on specific and targeted media segments such as; Radio Broadcasting, Television Broadcasting, Outdoor Media, Print Publications, On-Line and Creative Visuals, Strategic Marketing and Advertising Consulting Services and Brand Equity Development Solutions.

Rainbow Fm 90.7 is a  community family friendly radio station that caters for all tastes and age groups. As we have to decide on a particular audience profile, Rainbow Fm appeals mainly to a target market of the 24 – 49 year old listener in the LSM categories 4 -10. Specific limited programming is aired daily to cater for categories of listeners who fall outside this description.

We are dedicated to the promotion of in-depth intercultural interaction among youth and students to assist them in developing skills for living in today's interdependent world. It strives to promote South Africa as a source of knowledge and to place South Africa in a more prominent position in global affairs, by facilitating mission trips, various intercultural exchange programs such as Community Volunteer, Cultural home-stay and linguistic immersion, Student Work Abroad, Internship, Educational Travel and Excursions.